Appreciation! HBD!

I’m grateful to God for his Love, Mercy, Grace and Favour that I do not deserve.
Grateful for the past, present and the Future!
I’m Grateful for Family, Friends, Colleagues and Acquaintances.
Had my first post on the 29th of December 2012. Blogging or Writing wasn’t part of those things I dreamt of doing. I had a bad relationship experience that year, and I wanted someone to blog about what happened and how I felt. As at then I knew just 3 bloggers (@Toperants , @poisefreak and @AkoHindey) . I read their blog often and really liked what they do. So I asked them to blog about my personal issue/experience but none of them wanted to.

Tope @toperants was of the opinion that I should write the story/article myself, then she will edit and post and I told her “I don’t know how to write. My English isn’t that polished. Please help me out”. She insisted I could do it.
I turned to this Delta turned Yoruba Man, Kehinde @AkoHindey and he refused too. He said I should write and he will gladly edit.
Then I turned to this brain touch friend of mine, Opeyemi @poisefreak, and she said, “No, I don’t want to write about that relationship, cos I will call names, Full names + twitter handles and might make your private issue too public.
Then @Toperant even went ahead to say I have to open my own page, either on wordpress or blogspot to post it there. That totally turned me off. And I forgot about writing about that particular experience till today. (Maybe I will, someday).

After about 2months, I was chatting with my girlfriend and the thought of writing on what we talked about came to mind again. This time, I picked up my phone and typed. It was really short, my shortest post ever, I think. After writing, I told tope about it, and trust her to be quick at making me post. I love you plenty though. Our story will pass for a full article πŸ˜‰ *Coming Soon*

I got positive response and good audience for a start. Then I decided to continue blogging. Even though it wasn’t and still isn’t a priority. I posted whenever my lazy brain and self came up with something until I realised Its also an avenue to fulfil one of my missions.
“Touching people’s life POSITIVELY”
I’m still very lazy. But I’m trying na. Give me some credit! πŸ˜€

To cut matter, I want to say A very Special Thank you to Tope Olofin (@toperants), Kehinde Ugboma @AkoHindey and Opeyemi Ewunmi @poisfreak for making me do this. I’m enjoying this and its something I don’t plan to stop doing anytime soon. Its fun having a place to share your thoughts and get people’s opinion on those thought without the fear of being judged…I mean, we can so hide behind fiction ehn! Hohohohohohohohohoho.

Thank you to the other writers I got to know with time. Seun Odukoya (@SeunOdukoya) he really encourages me, Bamidele Christopher Oyeyemi @Degreatest2, Jennifer Patrick @JJShughar, Obasuyi Isaiah @MegaMoneyM, Paul @Paulpayfresh and to the host of others I follow.

Thanks to YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU and YOU for stopping by to read what I scribble out, for the comments, likes, praises and critics.
Thanks to those that took out time to subscribe to my blog. You all keep me going.

Thanks to my super editor, Obinna Mazi (@MrCrux_M), although you can be very annoying and you force me to post without sending to be edited. I still rove you sha *looks away*

Thanks to Chukwuma Okeke. (@princexavier) I owe you! We have business to do!

Thanks to my super friend “Arc. Temidayo Fabiyi” for all the “you can do better” push. *whew!. Trust me, you don’t want to have this young old man as a friend. You don’t! (Irony!). I Love you plenty small.
And to Mr. Akinwale Ekundayo, thank you for the Creative section/talk. I’ll try not to let you all down.

Finally, I would love to say thank you to the following people for being a part of my blog:-
Pastogoodygoody @pastogoodygoody
Ojemba @Eric_Ojemba
Kaypi @datvideoboyy
Tessy @Immune70
Obinna @MrCrux_M
Isioma @Isi_Jay
Kehinde @Akohindey
Isibhakhomen @eboghomen
Elsie @ElsieMcsumfin
Akinbosola @Aykaystyles
Jennifer @Grillztunechi
Bamidele @deltops
Banke @BankyB02
Christopher @degreatest2
Juke @Iamnotjuke
Jennifer @Jjshughar
Delly @am_delly
Jessica @Jessykarh
Olumide @olumiCFC
Uju @MzjuBerry
Dayo @Dhoney2by2
Rejoice @rejoiceasukwo
Demilade @demmiegal
Paul @paulpayfresh
Tobiloba @areurmikun
Chukwuebuka @iinspirenaija
Moyosore @owhreoluwa
Bettina @betyana
Sebebe @sebebe28
Seun @hounge_

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!
PS: I’ve not seen 80% of the people mentioned here but they all are lovely in their own special way. I have realised how the social networks can make you seem very friendly X_x. Hehehehe but I’m friendly sha. Thank you all.

We hope to serve you better. πŸ˜€

Happy birthday to Elsieisy’s World!

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22 thoughts on “Appreciation! HBD!

  1. What can I say other than I am speechless. We have met though right? Glad we met in the worst of situations but turned out to be great buddies (ok I am terrible with keeping in touch)

    You are one determined chic that’s for sure. I pray you never ever lose that.

    Thanks for the hype though. We both know I know next to nothing. I just rant rubbish. At least you listen to my nonsense, so we thank God.

    Stay blessed and someday I hope you will have your own talk show.

  2. Congrats dear, wishing elsie’s world many more successful years…. And madam you sef dey try disturb nu! U cn disturb for africa, bt I still love u like dat! Ngwa goodnyt… Bck to sleep!

  3. *sniffs* awwwww…… Even though u didn’t say u love me,I love u too. Its been amazing watching ur blog grow. Just make sure that u do not start writing ‘lists’ or ‘letters’. Lol
    Happy birthday dear blog (I need to gaan find out my blog’s birthday fa)
    Oluwa fi ise re o :* :* :*

  4. walai I didn’t all dis is been hapnin, I got ur post mayb 2ce or 3times…and at a point, u talkd abt d virgin story so I patispated cos I like virgins *shinin my teeth* Buh of serious note, I didn’t knw wen I tochd my chest n also tilt my head to d left as I was readin d aprciation hbd post. am tochd emotionali…u knw I can be easily emotionali brokn down…*tongue out* am lovin dis now, I wanna start mine. Hbd to dis wonderful blog…God bless u more and also crown ur effort. also…I wanna play a biger role in 2014. Buh wait….am I writin? Jesus! I just wrote *dancing* love you too gurl… @datvideoboyy

  5. Wait wait wait. My handle is not mentioned in this post? I am so deactivating my twitter account and wordpress blog.
    Before doing that, let me just pity you and say congrats Mama. Why didn’t you throw a bigger blog party?

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